Ole Nørby


Billing Wages for Web Consultancy Work from Ole Nørby.
All costs are in Danish Kroner (DKK). Billing is rounded to the next half hour.

Hourly Wage: DKK220,-/hour or by pre-approved appointment.

Consultancy/Billed Contract Work Wages
6-Hour projects: DKK180,-/hour.
Minimum toal cost: DKK1080,-.
Major changes in WordPress, such as new themes or designs are assumed a minimum of 6 hours work, not including hourly wages hereafter.

12-Hour Projects: DKK2000,- including discounts.
Longer than 12 hour project costs after agreement or by contract.
Total Website Makeovers or Setups are a minimum of 12 hours
Follow-up hours: DKK130,-/hour.

Monthly maintenance costs (By appointment)
Basis monthly costs: DKK300,-/month or by appointment.

Payment Methods
Billing starts on beginning of every half hour.
Payment after appointment: Bank Transfer, Paypal or Mobilepay.
Invoice Billing via PayPal.

Contact me for inquiries.