Ole Nørby

Good afternoon, good evening and goodbye!

I’ve got a new homepage.

The old one served a fine purpose of advertising my existence, but all things must come to an end, and a static page is too much work when a blog can do it all.
Times change, life moves on and with new interests comes new and exiting opportunities.

In my case, this is mostly about pets, geeky technology or unnecessary gadgets which my girlfriend probably thinks we could do without in the house.

Like the live webcam from the aquarium or the server called Jeeves on our network, telling us when to put on sunscreen and keeping an eye on when the sun sets for the day. Some of it might be unnecessary, but most of it can be explained.

To be honest, I probably use technology mainly for watching cats on the internet and searching obscure references and old songs on Google and YouTube, but it does have other functions, and if you have a slight interest in IoT (Internet of Things) and the capabilities of automating your home to make the week easier, why not take a step towards an easier tomorrow?

This is what I’m focusing on here – and to help people with the same interests, will I be writing about my choices and the configurations on devices which at the same time makes my life easier, and make me work harder to work less later.